The third eye: creativity


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou

Ideas rule the world and it can sometimes be challenging to come up with fresh ideas. I have had moments were it was difficult to come up with fresh ideas for a design or had writer’s block when writing an article. Designing requires me to be 100% prepared to come up with new ideas. My blog requires same amount writing inspiring and meaningful articles. I had to find new ways to stay creative and avoid writer’s block.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

We are products of our environment that also applies to how we think or how ideas are formed in our heads. I discovered paying attention to details and what influences my thought process when engaged in an activity very useful. When designing a logo the more information I wanted or waited for the less I got done but when I eliminated the less important and worked with what was most important the better results I got. We sometimes want to load our articles with information that we forget the simpler it is the easier for our readers. Be very observant of changes in your environment.

Quiet time.

Have a place where you can observe some quiet time to reflect. Time free of phone calls, work and distraction from people around. My favorite quiet times are in the mornings by 5:00 am. Most people are asleep at this time, so it gives time to reflect and also plan your day. The brain is also free from the cluster of days before. I find this time best to look at creative images, watch a video related to creating and read.

Read everyday.

Reading is to the soul what food is to the body. I say this because how much you read affects your perspective of life which is the ultimate reason we create. I find reading books gives me resources I would never get from observing things in my immediate environment. Books brings the world closer to us.

Be willing to give your services free.

Do you want to create more? Freely are we given and freely we should give when our assistance is needed. If we put monetary value to everything we do, we may not get the opportunities to do more. The more we create the better we get at what we do.

Have fun.

Blessed are those who have fun creating for they shall always get satisfaction from it. This applies to all other areas of our professional lives.

Hide your resources.

Enogueva Nomase Kingsley

the creative


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