The Art of Realism by Cj Hendry



“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”-Salvador Dali

Cj Hendry has made her mark by producing large-scale realistic drawings. Her medium of expression is the black ink on paper. Using black and white space, precision and lots of patients to produce the most outstanding art I have come across. An Australian and Architecture University drop out; she is not allowing it stop her from blessing us with her gift. She explains ; “The main reason I am so obsessed with expansive white backgrounds and highly detailed objects was through my early years of studying architecture. I was completely obsessed with the large plans with perfect lines, and this is where I was introduced to the black UniPin pens. I was not very good on the computer so I drew all my plans for all the assignments and drew detailed renderings of the buildings. The lecturers were not happy with me because I wasn’t using CAD and Revit and said I better learn, so I dropped out.”

Her first sale was a drawing of a pair of R.M. Williams boots to a Sydney art collector for $10,000. Her work was then spotted by The Cool Hunter, who organised Hendry’s first art exhibition and most recently ’50 foods in 50 days’ on Hermes dinner plates in Melbourne .

Hendry now sells her large-scale pieces of luxury handbags and shoes for up to $50,000. Here are some examples of her work and they are good art.

Cj - boxing









Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 19.57.37



Kingsley Nomase Enogueva


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