Diamonds by Nature; my first school project

rhino logo blue

“What we do to wildlife today, we do to ourselves”

The making and concepts of my new school project were quite challenging but interesting, it gave me the opportunity to express a very important issue close to my heart. Increasing awareness about wildlife conservation, global warming and the need for us to be responsible for what happens on earth. Therefore the name ‘Diamonds by Nature’; I think animals in the wild are priceless and like diamonds we should use all our resources to ensure they are LOVED, PROTECTED AND SUPPORTED. In this project I did a total branding concept; creating a logo, making designs for T-shirts and sneakers, letterhead, business card, a package for the T-shirts and a bilingual website design.

Diamonds by Nature features T-shirt and custom-made sneakers to increase awareness of endangered animals. The brand is made using a combination of brilliant designs, detailed illustrations and bold statements.

The Website Home Page


The T-shirt Designs









The Letterhead



The sneaker


Lookbook design


Business Card

business card 11


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