Gentleman’s Guide 2



“Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him”-English Proverb

All my life I have always wanted to be a gentleman. It has been difficult coming up with concepts of how a gentleman can be spotted in public. Who is he, how does he dress, how does he conducts himself around people.  I have had good education, formal and informal and in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King education should shape a man’s character. In that context I share these simple guides;

Respect those around you, take responsibility for your actions, and never take anything for granted.

Don’t let your mood dictate your manners.

Good grammar is sexy.

A gentleman gives and takes only what is given.

If you can’t be on time be early.

Always dress well but keep it simple

Nice guys finish last, because they put their ladies first.

Do not; under any circumstance take a picture with your middle finger up.

Dress sharply enough, patronize a fine establishment, and speak confidently. No waitress will ask if you’re 21 when you order drinks.

Confidence is sexy. Cockiness is not.

Gentleman’s Guide

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“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”-George B. Shaw

What makes a gentleman? The idea runs constantly in my head as I discover new meanings to the noun. In a relationship context these are what I found;

The gentleman,

Treat her like a queen if you wanted to be treated like a king

Always finds time for his family/wife/girlfriend. If he can’t find time he makes time. No excuses.

Doesn’t rush his lady physically, because he knows her morals are to be respected.

Treatment of his lady never fades. He doesn’t treat her right for a few months and stop. A true gentleman keeps her smiling

He doesn’t fight with other men over a woman. Regardless of how amazing you think she is. She’s not a trophy, asset, or a piece of territory. Let her work out who she wants to be with on her own, she’s human.

Make holding her hand too tight, the only way you can hurt her.

In the bedroom she’ll have a million different ways of saying “yes.” But, when she says “no,” it means no.

A real gentleman can wait for a lady.

Never compare her with your ex-girlfriends. She is incomparable.

Always hold the door open for a lady. Not because she’s a lady, but because you’re a gentleman.

Treat her like your mother, protect her like your sister, and love her like she’s the one.

My Japan adventure 1: rōnin in the pen





“Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional”- Max Lucado

Sumo (相撲 sumō) is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a rikishi (wrestler) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyō) or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet originated in Japan. The characters 相撲 literally mean “striking one another”. It is used as a trial of strength in combat, sumo has also been associated with Shinto ritual, and even certain shrines carry out forms of ritual dance where a human is said to wrestle with a kami (a Shinto divine spirit). It was an important ritual at the imperial court. Representatives of each province were ordered to attend the contest at the court and fight. The contest was known as sumai no sechie, or “sumai party.” Professional sumo (大相撲 ōzumō) can trace its roots back to the Edo period in Japan as a form of sporting entertainment. The original wrestlers were probably samurai, often rōnin, who needed to find an alternative form of income.



Sumo matches take place in a dohyō (土俵): a ring, 4.55 meters (14.9 ft) in diameter and 16.26 square meters (175.0 sq ft) in area, of rice-straw bales on top of a platform made of clay mixed with sand. A new dohyō is built for each tournament by the bout callers (or yobidashi). At the center are two white lines, the shikiri-sen, behind which the wrestlers position themselves at the start of the bout. A roof resembling that of a Shinto shrine may be suspended over the dohyō.



The winner of a sumo bout is either; the first wrestler to force his opponent to step out of the ring or the first to force his opponent to touch the ground with any part of his body other than the bottom of his feet.

There are also a number of other less common rules that can be used to determine the winner. For example a wrestler using an illegal technique (or Kinjite) automatically loses, as does one whose Mawashi (or belt) becomes completely undone. A wrestler failing to turn up for his bout (including through a prior injury) also automatically loses (Fusenpai).

Matches consist solely of a single round and often last only a few seconds, as usually one wrestler is quickly ousted from the circle or thrown to the ground. However, they can occasionally last for several minutes. Each match is preceded by an elaborate ceremonial ritual. Traditionally, sumo wrestlers are renowned for their great girth and body mass is often a winning factor in sumo. There are no weight divisions in professional sumo, and considering the range of body weights in sumo, an individual wrestler can sometimes face an opponent twice his own weight. However, with superior technique, smaller wrestlers can control and defeat much larger opponents.

After the winner is declared, an off-stage Gyōji (or referee) determines the Kimarite (or winning technique) used in the bout, which is then announced to the audience.

 The losing wrestler is referred to as being shini-tai (“dead body”) in this case.




People I know



“A busy, vibrant, goal-oriented woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her existence.”
Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

I met her in Nagoya, Japan during my study. Friendly, calm, beautiful and a Vietnamese. What attracted me to her was how shy, when she spoke in English to me. So I got to know her and discovered some amazing things every woman should know. The last of three children, her parents are coffee farmers. Like lots of foreigners in Japan she came to have a better life. Her name is Linh. She works 3 jobs and finds time to study hard. I remember her telling me her dream is “to be a good wife, have a good job and help poor children in Vietnam. Her selflessness is so amazing that it is infectious. She shares some important lessons she has learnt; plan your expenses, make a schedule for the month, when in doubt ask questions, work hard but play smart and we aren’t here for ourselves but to impact on others.


Habits of highly effective people


“The best way to make your dreams come true is to stay awake” Muhammad Ali

The most successful people in the world are the most motivated – correct?

Not entirely.

It isn’t motivation that creates success, but habit and action. The most successful people in the world definitely have passion for what they do, but passion that isn’t accompanied by action is rendered useless.

It is your habits, more than anything that will lead to your eventual success.

If your days are dominated by habits that help you on your journey to success, you’ll one day find yourself exactly where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing, earning what you want to be earning.

Don’t define success with a dollar amount, but in relation to happiness.

The habit of defining success with a dollar amount will lead to constantly chasing a higher price point. It’s a chase that will never end, and a view of success that will never be attained. Get in the habit of seeing your success and happiness in the same light.

Read before you write or work.

Reading a book will get the creative juice flowing, the brain learning, and your knowledge base growing. Try reading for 30 minutes to start your day

Wake up at the same time every day.

Having a good sleep routine will help you have more energy to do more work during the day.

Always finish your to do list.

Get in the habit of never leaving anything you wanted to finish at the beginning of the day, incomplete at the end. If you simply do what you set out to do, it will be hard for success to elude you.

Keep your to do list small and scaled.

Have 1 or 2 things that are important to finish, and make sure you finish them first. The rest of your task should be attended to only after your most important ones have been completed.

Keep two journal; one for planning your schedule, and work.

The other for your big ideas, thoughts, and goals. Writing stuff down make it real and tangible. A to do list, a goal, or a dream, that isn’t written down isn’t yet real.

Measure everything.

Every goal you set needs to be measured. Every sales page you create needs to be measured. If you measure everything you’ll have a blueprint for exactly what does work, and what doesn’t.

Stick to 90-minutes work sessions.

Few people actually work as much as they say they work. Their time is usually made of distractions. They Facebook, Tweet, and surf the interwebz. Time your work session. Keep a stop watch. Focus for 90-minutes, take an active break, and then get back to the beautiful grind.

Take active breaks.

A work break should enhance your working experience. It can’t – at all costs – take away from it. So do something active that will get your blood pumping and your mind working effectively as it was when you first started working in the wee hours of the morning.

Wake up early.

The list of successful people who wake up before the rest of the world is far too long to list. This isn’t a coincidence. Get up before 6 am, 7 days a week and get a head start on your day and your dream.

Put your family first.

Success can’t exist without a family – even if that “family” is simply loved ones and friends. You need to be working for a greater purpose than your own monetary gain if you’re going to accomplish true success.

Work harder than your competition.

If you work harder than anyone else, success can’t hide from you. You will find it. And you will enjoy it.

Use a board.

Use a big white board to keep your goals visible and close.

Share your dream.

Get in the habit of talking to others who have a similar dream, even if the similarity is the enormity of your goals, and the audaciousness of your plan. Napoleon Hill coined this relationship “a mastermind”, and it’s one of the most important factors in your eventual success.

Only surround yourself with successful people.

That is, don’t have”suckers” in your midst – people who will tear you away from work, and destroy your dream. If you have friends that do this, stop hanging out with them. Are they worth you living a mediocre life when greatness can be in your future?

Keep a healthy body.

Without a healthy body it becomes ever more difficult to maintain a healthy mind.

Spend your money only on things that will propel your dreams.

Cars, “things”, are only good for boosting your image in an effort to impress people who you really don’t want to impress. Spend money, instead, on your own development and your business to fuel your growth.

Make a sacrifice.

Get in the habit of sacrificing things that you may like in your life, for things that will help you become a success. The road to greatness isn’t one of excess spending and easy living. Hustle. Focus. Sacrifice. Succeed.

Review your journals every month.

The New Age



“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou

If we decide today to do the things we are gifted to do, our lives will be much happier. Life is not what it is, it is what we make it to be. I started designing at a very young age, it is what i love to it and it has opens doors for me. Over the years I have found out that the only way to successful is by doing what gives me the most satisfaction and makes me want to improve on my self. I know all my hard work will pay off. So live, create, design and paint with brilliant colors.